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The benefits of outsourcing business processes


Running a business is not an easy task and here are so many things that need to be taken care of. As a manager or owner of a company, you need to make sure you get more clients regularly in order to make the company develop. There are so many aspects of running a business that you can do without some of them, and this is why outsourcing some of your work to a payroll services firm would help you a lot.

Departments in your businessgrfnem

Depending on the type of industry you operate in, you will have several departments. Let us take a look at a few of the divisions almost every company will have.


This department handles all documentation work of a companies core business. These can involve issuing of invoices and collections from customers.

Sales & marketing

This is the department that is responsible for finding new clients and keeping existing clients coming back for more products. Without this department, a company may not get the required revenues to expand their operations.


These are the core people in the company who will head each department and also includes the directors or the owners of the company.


In most companies, this department is part of the administration department and is responsible for paying suppliers keeping the books in order. They also handle internal and external auditing matters.

Human resources

Many companies that have a significant amount of staff need to have an HR department, and this office handles all staff related matters. Hiring, firing, promotions and other personnel related matters fall directly under this department.


This division handles all the salary, commissions and bonus calculations for the staff of the business. In many companies, this department can be outsourced to a third party accounting firm along with the HR departments work.

The benefits of outsourcing

The main benefit of outsourcing any process in a company is that there will be no need to hire staff to perform that activity. There is also no need to pay salaries and other benefits to staff if the process is handled by a specialized payroll and HR company.


Managing a business these days is not easy because there are so many regulations and rules that need to be followed. If you outsource certain processes, you can in fact benefit in many ways and the work can reduce overheads which will give more room for growth.…

Conducting an Email Marketing Program

Email Marketing 06

An individual or organization wishing to conduct an email marketing program must first decide what it seeks to achieve by doing so. It has to choose between conducting the program in-house with the marketing and IT staff, or whether it is necessary to engage the services of an external consultant.

Questions to be asked are whether the existing staff has any experience conducting a program of this nature? Could they manage with help from a consultant? Or, is it necessary to contract the job to an outside agency?Email Marketing 04

Email marketing costs are not exorbitant. Costs should not be a restraining factor. On the other hand engaging the services of a consultant to carry out the work maybe a bit expensive. If you do not want to be burdened with the program, you could give it to a company. They have vast experience carrying out programs of this nature and could enhance your revenue and profitability by a wide margin.

Whatever method you adopt, the first thing to be done is to categorize your products or services giving priority to the existing high contributory fast moving items. As any marketing strategy is designed to increase sales, you must figure out what has gone wrong in the past. It may be that you are carrying a load of obsolete stock. It is very unlikely that you would be able to sell this stock via an email program. It should be sold by tender as a stock lot to the highest bidder. This would release resources with which you can purchase the faster-moving items. It is a cardinal rule that you should not tie up your working capital on very slow moving or obsolete stock.

Email Marketing 05If you have decided to use an external consultant you should check his credentials and referrals from his customers. He should have sufficient experience working with companies such as yours. If you have engaged a professional marketing company, you could ask for a list of references and check as many as possible asking for their opinion on the companies’ work.

When the work begins, you would be presented with a questionnaire. This set of forms is designed to provide the marketer with information on the products you sell. How long they have been in the stores, slow moving items if any, the real movers that are sustaining the company at the moment.

The marketer would gather all this information and design a skeleton email. Your team would need to sit with him and decide on the length and content of the mail. The marketer would then finalize and send out the email to prospective clients. Such a program would allow you to cover a large area geographically.…