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E-cigarettes – How are they used and are they safer than traditional cigarettes?

Man using E-cigarette

Even though they have been around for a few years, electronic cigarettes are still unknown to a lot of people. Electronic cigarettes, also known as electronic nicotine delivery systems or e-cigarettes, are small, battery-operated gadgets, which are specifically designed to provide nicotine, along with flavorings and plenty of other chemicals. With e-cigarettes, users inhale vapor instead of smoke. They can come in various sizes and shapes and can be designed to look like traditional cigarettes, pipes, cigars or some everyday items such as USB memory sticks or pens. Nowadays, there are around 300 e-cigarette brands available on the market.

A lack of substantial data

The effectiveness and safety of e-cigarettes are, nevertheless, still a hotly debated topic. While they are usually promoted as a safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes, which provide their users with a nicotine fix by burning tobacco, there is still not enough accurate data to confirm the health benefits of e-cigarettes over traditional ones.

How to they work?

The majority of modern electronic cigarettes feature three different components.

  • Holding Cigarette and E-cigaretteA vape tank, which is used to store the liquid solution which contains a mixture of nicotine, chemicals, and flavorings. The latest e-cigarettes use refillable vape tanks. If you want to know more about modern vape tanks, make sure to check out best Sub-Ohm & E-Cig Tanks for 2016.
  • Battery, which serves as a power source
  • A vaporizer, which acts as a heating device

With the majority of e-cig models, a user gets their fix by puffing, which activates the heating device, which then vaporizes the liquid stored in the vape tank. This produces the vapor which is then inhaled.

Are they safer and healthier than traditional cigarettes?

Even though there have been many studies in recent years, this question still lacks a definitive answer, due to the lack of accurate data and information.

It is no secret that smoking is still the number one preventable cause of mortality and sickness, which is responsible for almost 100.000 deaths in the UK alone. Some of the worst health conditions associated with smoking, such as heart diseases and cancer, are closely tied to the inhalation of various chemicals, which are the result of tobacco combustion. On the other hand, the addictive and pleasurable properties of cigarette smoking are mostly attributed to the nicotine.

The main purpose

The purpose of an E-cigarette is to stimulate the act of cigarette smoking by producing a similarly flavored vapor that feels and looks like tobacco smoke. Its purpose is also to deliver the nicotine fix but with much less toxic materials. Since they are designed to deliver that nicotine fix, without needing to burn tobacco, electronic cigarettes and vaping seem like a much safer, less dangerous and less toxic alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

However, even though e-cigs do not produce tobacco smoke, they still contain a certain amount of nicotine, as well as some potentially harmful chemicals. It is important to note that many cheap and low-quality e-cigs are found to produce vapor which contains some well-known toxic chemicals and carcinogens.

Can they help you quit smoking?

E-cigarette There are plenty of people who will confirm that using e-cigarettes has helped them quit smoking. However, it is still unclear whether that was a direct result of using e-cigs or a combination of some other factors. One thing is for certain though, and that is that high-quality e-cigs are safer and healthier than conventional cigarettes.

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