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Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

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Air Conditioners are common in most homes and offices these days. Especially in areas that are known to have a hot climate.

Everyone enjoys the feeling of walking into a cool room to escape from the hot sun and humidity outside. However, woman cleaning Air Conditionermany owners do not pay much attention to the maintenance of their air conditioners. They think that a yearly maintenance is adequate to keep their air conditioner systems working.

An air conditioner works by extracting the hot and humid air inside a room or area and cooling the air, filtering it of dust and humidity and giving in the cool fresh, clean air. However, as with many equipment that involves cleaning, there is a filter in the air conditioner too. This filter has to be cleaned periodically to ensure it operates well for cleaning and filtering the air in your room. It is an easy process to clean a filter, and the house owner can do it. In case of a split type unit you only have to open the from cover and you can disconnect the filter and wash it with clean water. You must also not forget the compressor that is the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. It collects a lot of dust and since its outside becomes prone to the elements as well. You can easily wash this unit with a hose. However, you must take care not to let water go into the electrical connections.

Fixing Air Conditioner FanFor units with central air conditioning, it is best to call a professional company who has the expertise in taking care of such equipment. These companies are often the ones that sell the units as well, and they will give you a warranty when you buy the unit. However, if the unit is not maintained correctly, the warranty may be void.

If you want to buy an air conditioner, always buy a unit that is branded and f good quality. The cheaper units will not give you good service and are known to consume a lot of electricity. The better brands have special technology like inverters that help reduce the energy consumption of the unit.

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